Welcome To PUGO GROUP LTD One of the biggest real estate company in Nigeria We are PUGO GROUP LTD ALWAYS DEDICATED & DEVOTED Positioned for the future. Poised for success. ALWAYS DEDICATED & DEVOTED Find a home that suits your lifestyle. We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different architecture and
construction company. We are a company that offers design and build services for
you from initial sketches to the final construction.
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WELCOME TO PUGO GROUP. We’re one of the nation’s largest real estate company with the listings you want.

We’re a diversified real estate company, made up of teams of people who are proven in their industries. All working to design, build, transport, operate, and maintain projects all over Uk and Nigeria. But we believe that projects are about more than concrete and steel. They’re about people and the power of partnerships. Partnerships with our employees, our communities, our contractors and clients.

Our aim is simple- To assist others in achieving higher returns on their savings by helping them invest in properties, agriculture, real estate, hospitality and more.

Investing in a better tomorrow!

Comprehensive investment and property management solutions that merge insights with opportunities. Helping you maximize your returns while minimizing your risks, we at Pugo offer long-term property investment and real estate solutions across the most promising sectors within the Uk and Nigeria.

Channelizing your investments in direct proportion to gains

Offering diversified portfolios across a plethora of segments such as Agriculture, Real Estate, Properties and Hospitality, we at Pugo channelize your investments in the most lucrative manner. Helping you strive towards a better tomorrow, we ensure the right placement of your investments in assets that yield definitive and long-term results.

Progressive Property Management ensuring enhanced returns and asset value increment

Effectively managing a plethora of real estate portfolios across various industrial realms that include commercial and private properties such as hotels, homes, hostels, lounges and more, we passionately strive towards enhancing the asset value of our client’s properties. Pugo offers lucrative solutions that ensure maximized capital gains through progressive portfolio analysis management backed by end-to-end market study and experience.

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